Swivel Boat Seats

Swivel boat seats are designed to allow movement particularly for fishing in the open seas or river they allow the individual seated the opportunity to view everything going on or gain more leverage whilst staying seated.  Swivel  boat seats are often put under severe stress in the way they are used, replacing a swivel boat seat can seem daunting, but it really is not very hard at all.  As long as only the seat needs to be removed it can be done in just a few steps.  If the chair needs to be replaced you will need to have a wrench and the replacement seat.  Be sure to check the packaging to see if bolts are included with the new seat, or if they need to be purchased as well.

Use the wrench to remove the bolts that are in place on the swivel plate, and then lift the old swivel boat seat off.  Then remove the bolts that are holding the pedestal to the seat.  Reverse these steps to install the new seat by bolting the new seat into the pedestal.  Then bolt the pedestal down to the swivel plate.  Make sure that each bolt has been put into the proper place, and that they are all tighten before using the chair. hey presto your new swivel boat seat is ready for action.